Tips of false eyelashes

False eyelashes are divided into European and American and Japanese. The characteristics of European and American are concentration.They are suitable for girls with prominent eye contours or those who want to create stage effects. The Japanese are actually produced in Taiwan, and the effect is more natural.It is suitable for oriental eyes. How is the […]

You really know how to wear false eyelashes?

Many girls like makeup, but sticking false eyelashes is not a simple matter. The way of sticking is wrong, it is easy to make the eyes appear smaller. Once the thick false eyelashes are pulled down, the whole eye makeup is thick and temperament. What’s even more embarrassing is that if the stickers are unstable, […]

4 kinds of false eyelashes to enhance your eyes

​False eyelashes are roughly divided into 4 kinds of eyelashes, which are linear, encrypted, cross and single, which are common types in our life. Today we will share the difference between different eyelash types. 1.Straight type The linear false eyelashes are separated from each other, which is naturally not exaggerated. The degree of density is […]

Do you know what kind of false eyelash band is best for you?

In the daily life, most of girls like wearing false eyelashes, but different false eyelashes can show different kind of effect. Also, different kind of false eyelashes band fit for different eyes shape. Today, this blog will tell you the information about the false eyelash band. 1.Cotton stalk The cotton stalk sounds like a soft […]

Jak se rozhodnout, který míč je na vás

Podle různých částí použití mohou být kuličky řas na trhu zhruba rozděleny do tří kategorií: běžné kolečka na řasy, částečné kolečka na řasy a speciální kolečka na řasy pro nižší řasy. Normální kadeřník na řasy Obvyklá kolečka pro úpravu řas je nejběžnější kolečko pro úpravu řas. Kovové textura je snadno použitelná a tam [...]

Víte, co je pro vás to nejlepší?

Many girls don’t know how to choose eyelash curlers, or what is the best eyelash curler for them. Today, I will share with you how to choose eyelash curlers. Eyelash curl material type Plastic eyelash curler features Advantages: relatively lightweight and portable, very suitable for carrying Disadvantages: the strength of the eyelashes will be weaker. Suitable for […]

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